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to live

School shouldn’t just be sums and science books. We should learn how to live, be better people, and lead healthy lives full of wellbeing. Wellbeing Through Sport takes a holistic approach - from brain to body, learning skills for later life through sport and teamwork. To bring this vision to life we created a compelling, easily-understood, and ownable brand for Wellbeing Through Sport, championing mental wellbeing and fitness for young minds and bodies. Taking education to a new level, explicitly stating that their services go beyond just sport - they’re lessons for life, creating strong emotional wellbeing foundations for every child.

"Working with Mike has been an absolute must for our organisation. From the very beginning he has taken the time to truly understand who we are and what we do. Taking us on a journey of learning regarding our brand, essence, creative vision and website. He’s enabled our passion, skills, and expertise to be brought to life and shared with the education sector. Mike has always been responsive to our needs and his professional, hugely talented approach to his work is thoroughly appreciated."
Director at Wellbeing Through School & Co-Founder of award-winning Wellbeing Through Sport® programme

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