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We put the all

in football

Providing a level playing field where every child of every ability has every opportunity to thrive. Will Ferry Soccer School aims to help all children build confidence, learn football and life skills, and foster self-belief. Offering inclusive sessions with the perfect balance of encouragement, inspiration, and fun to help any child from any background develop essential life skills both on and off the pitch. With an equality focused brand identity and tone of voice, we created an engaging brand in which Will Ferry Soccer Schools presents itself as a grass-roots soccer school for children of all abilities. Positioning them as the inclusive, supportive football community, connecting all children to the game we all know and love.

"Mike has captured the inclusive essence of our Soccer School, in an excellently crafted brand that absolutely nails the objective! He’s guided us through every stage, making the process informative and enjoyable. Our website delivers exactly what we need and looks fantastic. In addition to his technical expertise, Mike is approachable and very flexible. All in all we have had a great experience and will continue to work with Mike on this and future projects."
Director at Will Ferry Soccer School

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